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Makeup brushes happen to be an integral part of your makeup kit, something that you cannot be without. They are available in different styles and each one has a specific use. Makeup has traversed a long way from the lead ore and copper composition, and the white painted masks to the products of today that are scientifically advanced. Products that we recognize today like the lipstick, mascaras, foundations, and nail polish, began to emerge around the dawn of the 20th century. Today these products are even more advanced and their formulas much more complex. They can hide pores, smoothen the complexion, highlight your facial features and transform your look completely.

Makeup Brushes

A makeup brush is a bristled tool with a wooden or plastic handle, used for applying makeup on your face. The bristles soft on the skin and they come in varied thicknesses. Makeup product brushes come in different sizes and shapes. They help makeup to blend into your skin better. Some popular brands offering quality makeup brushes are Magideal and Vega. These brushes are usually available in sets.

Makeup Brush Set

Makeup sets can be an intimidating affair. Stippling, angled or fan and contour – you need to know which brush is to be used with which makeup product to give the desired result. A complete makeup brush set includes 15 different brushes. Let’s look at a few of the main brushes that are a necessity in your makeup kit:

Foundation Brush – The key function of a foundation brush is to help give a smooth application to the base or foundation onto your skin. The better quality brushes allow you to buff the product into the skin and give you a natural look. Urban Naked 3’s foundation brush is perfect for buffing your foundation on.

Concealer Makeup Brush- The main use for a concealer brush is for spot correction. Carefully patting the product on the skin this brush works to conceal the area with concealers. Brands like Real Techniques, Bdellium Tools, Phenovo offer makeup sets with concealer brushes that fit the purpose.

Stippling Brush – This brush has light and feathery ends that you use with your base. The light fibers spread out the foundation to give you an airbrushed finish.

Angled Blush Makeup Brush – An angled brush helps with precise application of blush. To add to your natural look, pick up the angled brush and dust your product onto the cheeks softly. Try out the angled brush from Vega, the edge of the brush works to put on a clear-cut blush.

Powder Brush – A touch-up brush, the powder brush is primarily used to dust your face with loose or compact powder. It allows for setting your makeup without moving any of the underlying product, onto the skin.

Angled Makeup Brush – This ‘draw’ and ‘fill’ brush has a two-way use- brow filler and eyeliner. Fill in the eyebrows in the shape of your choice or use the sharp end to draw out an eye line. Don’t have the VibeX angled eyeshadow brush yet? It draws a killer eye line without breaking a sweat.

Contour Brush – A contour brush is a must-have in your makeup set as contouring your face is not possible without this brush. Unless you’d like to look like a Japanese geisha. This brush has firmer bristles and angled tip designed to target areas you want to shape. Da Vinci Brushes Vinci Series 9770 works magic when it comes to contouring. Its densely packed bristles with an edge cut in sharp angles make this a perfect choice for all.

Highlight Fan Makeup Brush – The bristles on this brush are more fanned out to pick up a small amount of product and dust it on the cheekbones or areas that need highlighting.

While using any product- makeup brush combination, it is always best to go in with a light hand. Avoid using too much product or applying it generously.

Makeup has been an integral part of human existence for thousands of years. The art of makeup dates all the way back to the ancient Egyptians and their use of kohl. Many Egyptian tombs have been found to contain makeup canisters and kits. Makeup was used in in ancient Rome and Greece as well, they used face powders made of ground-up minerals and stones. Now that you know all about brushes and know what you are doing when it comes to makeup, go online and browse through a range of makeup brush sets from top brands.